Kojax - Kojax concept

A concept that combines Mediterranean
freshness and rapid service

Genuine Greek cuisine with fast and courteous service

Discover Greece and its unforgettable flavours with a unique concept in fast food. Kojax Souflaki restaurants honour the freshness
of Greek cuisine at their shopping mall service counters or at their store-front restaurants.

Carefully prepared by a well- trained and courteous staff, the typically Mediterranean dishes are
served in just a few minutes
. Discover the grilled Greek flavour prepared according to time-honoured
traditions and accompanied by crunchy salads and side dishes each more tasty than the other.

A leader in Greek fast food, Kojax Souflaki features fresh and
quality food combined with excellent service.

Les entreprises Kojax Souflaki is:

  • More than 30 years of skill;
  • An effective and recognized method
  • A dynamic franchise system;
  • A profitable investment;
  • Passionate people.